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LATEST ENTRIES My Eco outfit by Isobelle, as part of Miss Hampshire 2015
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Posted by Dalila's Kaftans

In the Miss Hampshire 2015 final we had to make an Eco dress. This could be made out of recycled materials or things collected from charity shops. It allows you as an individual use your creative and artistic flair to create a show stopper outfit!

After doing some research on past Eco outfits I collected ideas and materials which others have used in the past. One material in particular that had not been used in any heat was coffee bean sacks. Yes I know a sack sounds terrible and unflattering! But I worked my magic to make it into a wonderful creation.

I choose the material because my dad originally made cushions out of the sack material and I thought the idea was really creative! I did some research on the material and they actually held fair trade coffee in them!

To start my dress off I cut the outline of the dress out and pinned it so I could see how it was sitting. After finally getting the right measurements and adjustments I began to sew the dress together. I tweeked the dress so it would look flattering. I did this by changing the neckline and the sleeves.

I wanted to take the coffee idea further and thought it would look creative if I used real coffee beans to decorate it. Out of these I created a flower and placed the beans on the shoulders and neck line .
This process took about a week as I had to superglue each bean making sure that the material wasn't going to stick together.

I very much enjoyed making my dress and am excited to begin my next creation! Here's a picture of my dress whilst wearing it at the final! The final look is pretty impressive even if it was very itchy!

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