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LATEST ENTRIES DALILA: name that resonates with Beauty and Seduction
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Dalila in French or Delilah in English, is famously or infamously known as the beautiful biblical character in Samson and Delilah. The name has been used in the beauty industry for its seduction and beauty association to the Bible story but also in many songs lyrics such as 1968 Welsh singer Tom Jones signature song 'Delilah' essentially a murder ballad featured in December 2014 press (Independent Music News Section) for a row over whether a song that may be seen as trivialising domestic violence towards women or not should be used in Welsh Rugby games.

That goes to say that Dalila is a name charged with history.

Why not concentrate on the positive aspects of its association, after all nothing is perfect an no matter the negative the name still resonate throughout history and to date for both Beauty and Seduction. No wonder why many hair and beauty salon and products are named after Delilah or Dalila.

Fashion and clothing is without doubt an industry about Beauty and Seduction and Dalila's Kaftans luxury and embellished dresses are ideal for evening and BridalWear, any ladies want to look and feel beautiful on their very special wedding day. Look at the proposed collection of dresses and accessories for proms, gala, ceremonies and special occasion, should you be a bride to be, a bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or of the groom and even a guest, you do want to wear something which flatters your shape whatever your age, that is exactly what we offer you at Dalila's Kaftans. Make it also the perfect gift to a loved one, for Valentine day or any other special days.

Without doubt, Dalila's Kaftans stands for Beauty and Seduction and any ladies should aspire to have one of Dalila's Kaftans dresses and if we may imply, to keep as a seductive weapon in their beautifying wardrobe.

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