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0 COMMENTS Congratulations to Miss Cornwall 2015!
Posted by Dalila's Kaftans

Photos from Miss Cornwall 2015 Briony-mai Reynolds wearing her Dalila' Kaftans prize dress



0 COMMENTS London Kaftan Fashion - Celebrating Britain Diverse Fashion Capital
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London photoshoot

London Kaftan Fashion photoshoot, was a celebration of a multicultural and vibrant fashion platform as part of which Dalila's Kaftans brand flourishes.

We were lucky to have a beautiful weather and met right outside London City Hall. Had the perfect London landscapes with iconic building such as Tower Bridge, Tower of London Even had a glimps of the famous Gerking shaped building. Special thanks to Barney Douglas for capturing these.

Tower bridge

A fantastic view of Tower Bridge with Franzi modelling Dalila's Kaftans Royal Blue dress

Tower of london

In the background Tower of London (Thames River in the middle) and model Francesca rocking Dalila's Kaftans yellow kaftans dress

Right opposite London City Hall if you have visited London (as a tourist or as a resident) you may recognised the following balustrades or the black round sculpture:

City hall

Model: Ellie- Rose Marples in Dalila's Kaftans Burgundy Maroon dress

London City hall

Many thanks to all participants, Models, Stylists and Photographer for making this shoot such a success.

London Bridge shoot

0 COMMENTS My Eco outfit by Isobelle, as part of Miss Hampshire 2015
blog photo
Posted by Dalila's Kaftans

In the Miss Hampshire 2015 final we had to make an Eco dress. This could be made out of recycled materials or things collected from charity shops. It allows you as an individual use your creative and artistic flair to create a show stopper outfit!

After doing some research on past Eco outfits I collected ideas and materials which others have used in the past. One material in particular that had not been used in any heat was coffee bean sacks. Yes I know a sack sounds terrible and unflattering! But I worked my magic to make it into a wonderful creation.

I choose the material because my dad originally made cushions out of the sack material and I thought the idea was really creative! I did some research on the material and they actually held fair trade coffee in them!

To start my dress off I cut the outline of the dress out and pinned it so I could see how it was sitting. After finally getting the right measurements and adjustments I began to sew the dress together. I tweeked the dress so it would look flattering. I did this by changing the neckline and the sleeves.

I wanted to take the coffee idea further and thought it would look creative if I used real coffee beans to decorate it. Out of these I created a flower and placed the beans on the shoulders and neck line .
This process took about a week as I had to superglue each bean making sure that the material wasn't going to stick together.

I very much enjoyed making my dress and am excited to begin my next creation! Here's a picture of my dress whilst wearing it at the final! The final look is pretty impressive even if it was very itchy!

0 COMMENTS DALILA: name that resonates with Beauty and Seduction
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Dalila in French or Delilah in English, is famously or infamously known as the beautiful biblical character in Samson and Delilah. The name has been used in the beauty industry for its seduction and beauty association to the Bible story but also in many songs lyrics such as 1968 Welsh singer Tom Jones signature song 'Delilah' essentially a murder ballad featured in December 2014 press (Independent Music News Section) for a row over whether a song that may be seen as trivialising domestic violence towards women or not should be used in Welsh Rugby games.

That goes to say that Dalila is a name charged with history.

Why not concentrate on the positive aspects of its association, after all nothing is perfect an no matter the negative the name still resonate throughout history and to date for both Beauty and Seduction. No wonder why many hair and beauty salon and products are named after Delilah or Dalila.

Fashion and clothing is without doubt an industry about Beauty and Seduction and Dalila's Kaftans luxury and embellished dresses are ideal for evening and BridalWear, any ladies want to look and feel beautiful on their very special wedding day. Look at the proposed collection of dresses and accessories for proms, gala, ceremonies and special occasion, should you be a bride to be, a bridesmaids, the mother of the bride or of the groom and even a guest, you do want to wear something which flatters your shape whatever your age, that is exactly what we offer you at Dalila's Kaftans. Make it also the perfect gift to a loved one, for Valentine day or any other special days.

Without doubt, Dalila's Kaftans stands for Beauty and Seduction and any ladies should aspire to have one of Dalila's Kaftans dresses and if we may imply, to keep as a seductive weapon in their beautifying wardrobe.

0 COMMENTS BridalWear
blog photo
Posted by Dalila's Kaftans


0 COMMENTS 2015 Collection with enhanced shopping experience
blog photo
Posted by Dalila's Kaftans



If you are looking for that wonderful outfit for ladies, and all the good offers for ladies, then you need a store that offers you exciting deals, with a wide variety.

As you can see, Dalila’s Kaftans is an online clothing store that offers a wide range of outfits for women, who are seeking a dress for different occasions.

We offer you quality and affordable evening dresses of various colours and sizes, including plus sizes, to fit your body perfectly and make you look well-dressed enough for the occasion. You can get moroccan inspired kaftan dresses, among many other options. The most perfect thing to do is look at all the amazing offers before settling on any one option.

It is possible to contact us for inquiry on anything that you might want us to offers, or queries on the available dresses. You are always able to get someone on the other end of the line or via online instant messenger at anytime, ready to provide you with the details that you might want clarified to improve your shopping experience. Remember that you are always going to get more by communicating to us and knowing everything that we can offer you.

Find some time to look at our butterfly dresses, which comes in various designs, and can be a good idea for your bridesmaids or even teenage flower girls. We have an assortment of quality yet affordable tiaras, flowers, head garlands, which come in various descriptions that may fit your requirements.

Always remember that no matter your body, whether hippy or skinny, as you make your selection on our online store, our dresses are made to fit any shapes. Our clothes styles, are ideal for boho themed wedding, among others, and you may want to try out new things, which will make you look fantastic as well as very unique. More over our range is excellent for pregnant Bridesmaids and as prom dresses for special events.

Find some time to visit our online store and get that marvellous dress that will brighten your wardrobe in the coming days.

Watch out for the new collection for 2015 with more accessories.



0 COMMENTS New Year, New Collection
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Posted by Dalila's Kaftans

New year

Dalila's Kaftans is happy to announce a new collection for this new year. 2015 should be full of exiting new additions to our collections. With a range of accessories ranfing from Tiarias to Flowers sets, Barefoot Sandals and even Hats. These accessories are surely a great addition to any ladies who are shopping for a kaftans dress.

Our wish for this year is to offer quality product and work even harder to make you happy.

Happy 2015!


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